Frequently Asked Questions


Insufficient dive qualifications and/or some medical conditions may prevent you from diving, please check Dive Medical section.

Certification Requirements

Whats the Dive plan?

  • Dive guides are provided FOC and divers will be split into experience/inexperienced groups
  • Experienced divers may dive with a buddy after initial orientation, just provide your dive plan prior to the dive
  • Complete 2 deep dives – maximum depth of 29 metres, 2nd dive generally max 25 metres
  • 1 hour surface interval, last dive completed approx.1pm (for those flying the next day). Please refer to our Trip Itiniary
  • Any divers travelling alone will be provided with a dive buddy

How long are the dives?

  • We don’t restrict dive times so depends on you – your air consumption, experience level and depth
  • Average time could be 40 minutes, divers with good air consumption can easily increase this. Currents can reduce dive time
  • Decompression diving is not allowed (unless specifically trained)
  • Nitrox can help to allow deeper dives and extend dive times

Can I dive with Nitrox?

  • Fills are usually 33 or 34% and cost $15 per tank fill
  • Please let us know in advance so you can be sure not to miss out
  • Don’t forget to bring your nitrox card

When can I fly after diving?

  • QLD WPH&S require 24 hours after diving before flying (last dive will finish approx. 13.30 pm)
  • You can fly, then dive the same day, however not dive then fly.
  • Avoid sky diving, hot air ballooning and exceeding an altitude of greater than 300 meters for 24 hours

Are there Stingers in the water?

  • Marine Stingers may be present all year around, higher risk during November to April
  • Box jellyfish, are usually found around the shore (estuary breeders), other stingers often called ‘irikundji, an inhabit the waters their sting can produce the irikundji syndrome, we ensure all divers wear full length wetsuits and lycra hoods for protection

Do you offer PADI eLearning Courses?

  • Yes, we offer eLearning for the following PADI courses – Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Enriched Air (Nitrox), Rescue Diver and Divemaster, Tune-Up (refresher).

Diving Q’s

Do I need my dive certification card?

It must be sighted by our Dive Instructor on check-in

Don’t have your dive card ? Let us know in advance

  • we can check PADI or SSI divers with some basic info
  • Other dive certifications – you MUST provide proof of your certification – there’s other way to check!

What’s the minimum requirements ?

  • Open Water Certification – minimum of 6 dives
  • Minimum age – 14 years
  • Divers with less than 20 dives must be guided by a Dive Instructor
  • A Refresher is required for divers with less than 20 dives who have not dived within 6 months, we can usually conduct this the day prior to your dive, please call to discuss this.

As an Open Water Diver what happens?

  • Need to complete the underwater skills from the PADI Deep Adventure Dive with a PADI Dive Instructor during the 1st dive if not previously completed (extra cost applies), allows you to gain a better understanding of deep diving
    • By purchasing the manual and completing the dive theory (on your return), the underwater skills can be accredited towards the PADI Advanced Course and you will be signed off to dive to 30 metres
  • Will be accompanied by a PADI Dive Instructor at all times

As an Advanced divers what happens?

  • You will be provided with an experienced dive guide at no extra cost
  • More experienced divers (over 50 dives) may be able to dive with their buddy after an initial orientation

Insurance/Dive Medicals

Insurance/Dive Medicals

  • It is important to be covered for personal evacuation and medical issues, Most travel policies cover diving to 30 metres (please check though). NB: in a medical emergency evacuation, expenses and repatriation will be charged.
  • Divers Alert Network (DAN) offer insurance specifically for scuba divers. See

When do I need a medical ?

If you are unsure about a specific medical condition please check with your doctor or with us prior to making your reservation.

  • Certified Divers
    • Check the Waiver Release & Indemnity Deed if you answer yes to any of the questions, or are taking prescription medication please contact us immediately as you might need to consult a doctor prior to diving.
  • Course students – continuing your education with us ?
    • You will need to complete a PADI Medical statement and Waiver Release & Indemnity Deed if you answer yes to any of the questions, or are taking prescription medication please contact us immediately as you might need to consult a doctor prior to diving.


Do you run trips daily?

  • Yes, 362 days per year weather and numbers permitting (4 passengers min.)
  • Generally 20 knot wind speeds might stop us. We check the weather at 4pm daily to confirm trips for the next day

How do we get there?

  • Check out the google map on our ‘contact us’ page, we are 15 mins drive from Ayr
  • Links are provided to local Bus timetables, Airports and Taxis (approx. $55 from Ayr)
  • Travelling by bus – we provide free transfers to/from Ayr at 10:30 am and 15:25.  An early transfer at 7:30am maybe be arranged at a cost of $25.  Transfers must be pre-booked.
  • Self drive – Ayr is 100kms (1.5 hrs) south of Townsville, 200kms north of Airlie (2.25 hrs)

What should I bring?

  • A towel, something warm for the boat (April-Aug) – windproof jacket recommended
  • certification cards, log books and vouchers

Is food and drink provided?

  • Breakfast is provided with your accommodation (toast, cereal, tea, coffee, oj)
  • Lunch and snacks are provided on your day trip on-board during the surface interval
  • We are 16kms from a supermarket so we recommend you bring food with you for dinner and snacks etc.

What are the Reef Tax (EMC) and Mooring fee’s?

  • The Environmental Management Charge of $6.50 per person (inc. admin) is collected for entry into the GBR Marine Park
  • A fee for the upkeep of the moorings at the Yongala of $13.55 is also charged
  • Currently the combined daily fee included in your booking is $22 AUD

When is best to dive?

Diving is great all year round, although different in summer and winter. Seasons are the reverse of the northern hemisphere.

Please give plenty of notice during September to January to avoid disappointment.

  • Winter (June to Aug)offers warm, clear days with better visibility (15-25m), wind sometimes stronger and water temperature a little cooler 21-25 degrees Celsius
  • Humpback whales are common during June to September, manta rays etc (august onwards)
  • Land temp approx 25 degrees Celsius


  • Spring/Summer (Sept to Dec)– warmer water (25 – 30 degree celsius) and generally offers lighter winds. January to April is wet/cyclone season with high humidity but can offer some great diving with large schools of bait fish around and therefore lots of feeding action
  • Visibility approx 10-15 m
  • Land temp from 28 ? 35 degrees Celsius

Can my non-diving partner/friend come on the boat/go snorkelling?

  • We don’t take non-divers on the boat, the boat is moored in open ocean and it is not always comfortable if surface swells
  • If they did go – a spot on the boat needs to be paid for – cost is own gear price plus taxes

Do you accommodate disabled passengers?

  • We have accommodated disabled/mobility impaired passengers, however due to the nature of the vessel and conditions at the wreck this must be by assessment in advance
  • In addition, anybody who cannot stand up with gear should notify us in advance

Are there child minding services ?

  • Burdekin Family Day Care Centre in Ayr offers the facility from 7:00 am
  • Contact them via

Payment & Terms/Conditions

When do I pay ?

  • Online, Phone or Email bookings – Credit card details will be taken as security.  Payment will be made on day of trip.

How can I cancel ?

  • Cancellations can be made by email or phone.
  • 48hr Cancellation Policy:  We reserve the right to charge for cancellations made within 48hrs of the trip day.  Cancellations prior to this will not be charged.

What about bad weather ?

  • if we cancel due to bad weather a full refund will be made
  • we make a decision if the boat will run at 4pm daily, we ask you to call after this time to confirm trip & departure time