Terms & Conditions

Dive Trip/Accommodation Confirmation

  • Acceptance of our terms & conditions is required to make a booking.
  • All bookings MUST be secured by supplying credit card information, by supplying this information you have verbally agreed to accept our terms and conditions.
  • Please check, complete and return the liability paperwork for your booking, prior to your trip:
    • Open water divers (and those completing dive training) – please also check:
    • continuing education/medical statement – if you need to answer β€˜YES’ to any of the questions please contact the office a.s.a.p., as a Dive Medical might be required.
    • Those taking prescription medication may require a medical, please contact us for further information.
    • There will be NO REFUNDS on the day if you are unable to dive due to a medical condition.
  • Re-confirmation – VERY IMPORTANT to Phone 07 4783 1519 for final confirmation of the trip/departure time between 4 pm – 5 pm the day prior to travel (we cannot always reach you).
  • Departure times – we reserve the right to change the departure/check-in times due to tides. If you do not phone us for confirmation are we are unable to reach you we cannot accept responsibility if you miss your trip.
  • Dive Lodge Check-in – Between 12 – 5pm. A late check-in is available for arrivals after this time but MUST be arranged in advance or you WILL BE UNABLE TO ACCESS the ACCOMMODATION.


Diving Equipment/Certifications

  • Certification cards
    • A dive card or proof of certification from a recognised training agency will be required. If you do not have your card please advise us in advance as sometimes we are unable to find your information on a check on the PADI or SSI database. We are unable to check any other databases.
    • Customers WILL NOT be able to dive without sight of their dive card/certification – there will be no refund due to cancellation for this purpose. We have a duty of care to ensure your diving experience is safe and enjoyable.
    • A $10 fee applies for dive checks carried out during morning check-in (PADI and SSI card checks only)
  • QLD Workplace Health & Safety requirements for all divers:
    • A minimum of 24 hours after diving prior to flying – divers will be required to sign a waiver to this effect.
    • Carry a Safety Sausage, snorkel and Whistle (Yongala Dive require a computer for each person).
  • Dive Equipment
    • Own gear includes tanks and weights only (all divers with their own equipment must have a computer, safety sausage and whistle). Safety sausages and whistles can be purchased from Yongala Dive.
    • Full gear hire includes tanks, weights, wetsuit, mask, snorkel, BCD, computer, safety sausage and whistle.
    • Divers must ensure they have the required equipment to comply with WH&S and Company policy.


Sea Conditions

  • Due to the location of the wreck (in open ocean) moderate conditions/choppy seas may be experienced. We advise taking sea sickness medication, this will not be accepted as a cause of cancellation.
  • Sea sickness tablets can be purchased at reception for $3.00 (for 2 tablets).


Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellations need to be advised in writing to Yongala Dive and the following conditions will apply:
    • Full Refund Given
      • 100% refund – for bookings cancelled more than 48 hours prior to date of travel (1st February to 30th August)
      • 100% refund – for bookings cancelled more than 7-days prior to date of travel (1st September to 31st January)
    • No Refund Given
      • Bookings cancelled at any time within the 48 hour cancellation period (1st February to 30th August) will not be refunded. The customer forfeits 100% booking price.
      • Bookings cancelled at any time within the 7-day cancellation period (1st September to 31st January) will not be refunded. The customer forfeits 100% booking price.
    • Yongala Dive Cancellations – Yongala Dive reserves the right to cancel dive trips at any time for the following reasons:
      • Bad weather conditions – generally over 20 knots the trip could be cancelled
      • Minimum numbers not being met – we require a minimum number of 4 divers before a dive is confirmed
      • A full refund will be made to customers if Yongala Dive cancels a dive trip due to weather or numbers
      • Customers wishing to transfer to another date should advise us ASAP to avoid disappointment
    • Insurance – Please ensure you secure travel insurance to cover cancellations and call ahead for information on impending conditions, we do not accept responsibility for any cancellation fees or costs incurred by you if we have to cancel a trip.



  • The credit card supplied at the time of booking will be charged at the expiration of the cancellation period as above. If we are unable to charge your card at this time we cannot guarantee to hold your spot.
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