PADI Rescue Diver Course


The Rescue course is a great way to help build confidence in your ability and increase your dive skills to enable you to prevent and manage problems and safely respond to diving emergencies. It’s fun, challenging and what more memorable dive site to undertake your training on?

What you need to know about the Course ?

Self-study is required in advance to complete the theory, then just a few knowledge reviews to cover with the Instructor, allowing us to concentrate on the important in-water training. You need to collect your PADI Rescue Diver manual at least 1 day in advance, or take the eLearning course to give time to complete the theory.

Enjoy role play as the victim and the rescuer during your practical training in preparation for the scenarios in the open water. There is no perfect way to conduct a rescue, what you will learn is how to conduct an effective rescue.

Staying at our divers lodge is a great way to complete your study and meet your instructors prior to starting the course.

Why the Yongala Dive Rescue Course ?

You get to combine 2 dives including one of your open water rescue scenarios on the dive site of the S.S. YONGALA shipwreck. Can you think of a better place ?


  • Advanced Open Water certification
  • *Completion of Continuing Education Student Diver Medical Declaration
  • A current First Aid certificate

*You may be required to consult a medical practitioner depending on your response. (Any costs associated in this process are payable direct to the doctor).

First Aid course

First Aid training is required with this course which we can complete if you do not have this – another day will be required.

Guitar Shark

The Itinerary is based on self study in advance.  Choose between two methods of study:

  • PADI eLearning online training –interactive manual, quizzes, exam
  • Traditional manual – complete knowledge reviews, watch DVD. Note: Self-study is required prior to commencing your dive course.
  • Day 1 – Pool/local open water session
    • complete knowledge reviews
    • exercises 1-10 and open water scenario 1
  • Day 2 – S.S Yongala dive site
    • complete Scenario 2, surface exercises and exam

The practical training conducted in the pool and confined water includes – 10 Exercises and 2 scenarios:


  • Ex 1 – Tired Diver and self rescue review
  • Ex2 – Panicked Diver
  • Ex3 – Response from Shore, Boat or dock (responsive diver)
  • Ex 4 – Distressed Diver Underwater
  • Ex 5 – Missing Diver
  • Ex 6 – Surfacing the Unresponsive Diver
  • Ex 7 – Unresponsive Diver at the Surface
  • Ex 8 – Exiting the Unresponsive Diver
  • Ex 9 – First Aid for Pressure-related Injuries and Oxygen Administration
  • Ex 10 – Response from Shore/Boat – Unresponsive Diver


  • Scenario 1 – Unresponsive Diver Underwater
  • Scenario 2 – Unresponsive Diver at the Surface

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