PADI Dive Master Course


Do you love scuba diving ? Then take a PADI Divemaster course and turn your passion into a career and get paid to go diving every day ! Not only will you get to dive a lot, but you’ll experience the joy of helping others have as much fun diving as you.

The PADI Dive Master course is the first step on the professional qualification ladder and the minimum rating for employment in the dive industry. Your qualification will allow you to organize and supervise recreational diving activities (boat or land based), teach Skin divers and snorkelers and assist PADI Instructors on all PADI courses, it’s just one step away from a PADI Instructor rating !

Training will be conducted from our Dive Centre at Alva Beach with the world famous S.S. Yongala wreck as your dive site to continue your professional education.   Expect the highest standards in quality and professionalism in your diver education, you will expand your knowledge and refine your skills to a whole new level while developing leadership abilities.

What you will learn:

  • To guide and supervise certified divers and organise dive activities
  • To Fine-tune your dive skills to a higher dimension
  • To Lead others as you supervise scuba diving activities
  • New management and communication skills
  • Becoming a role model to divers everywhere

Prerequisites and requirements

  • 18 years of age
  • Course – Rescue Diver certification with 40 logged and 60 logged dives to complete the course (If you don’t have 40 dives, pre course dives will be required at additional cost depending on skill level and availability
  • Current First Aid qualification-24 months & CPR-12 months (Can be arranged – $200 for both)
  • Self Study – for theory
  • Internship – open water certification
  • Dive medical

If you don’t have the required training for the Dive Master Course, check out our internship option.

Guitar Shark

Option 1 – Dive Master Course – 12 days

A combination of theoretical classroom sessions, watermanship skills and practical application during a number of PADI courses in both pool and open water training. From there you go on to gain more experience after qualification

Option 2 – Dive Master Internship – 2-3 Months

More than just the basics, this will prepare you to be the ultimate professional, gaining experience and skills to make you a well prepared and immediately employable Dive Master (most popular)

Trip Itinerary

There are 3 sections to the PADI Divemaster program:

Knowledge Development

You will re-cap on the theory learnt on previous courses and expand your knowledge to include much more detail, including:

  • Diving Physics and Physiology
  • Diving skills and environment
  • Supervising students in training
  • Dive management, control and planning
  • Emergency assistance planning for Diving emergencies
  • Mapping a local open water site

An easy way to help complete this is online with the E-learning “Dive Theory” at a cost of $210. Ask for more information.

Watermanship and skills assessment

As a Dive Master you need the skills and ability to deal with any situation, you will develop these and leadership qualities as part of your course :

  • Watermanship and stamina
  • General diving skills

Practical Application

Work with real students on various PADI programs and activities with structured training sessions. Training sessions will be both in the pool and ocean, giving you practical experience as an instructional assistant and as a diving guide / supervisor.

The Dive Master course will be run over 12 days, however self-study will be required in advance to complete the theory and also in-between to complete assignments, so generally this will not be 12 concurrent days.


Day 1 – Theory/Confined water –Introduction, Topics 1-3, Water skills, assignments

Day 2 – Open Water (Yongala Express) – Practical and water skills, Topic 4, assignments

Day 3 – Open Water (Yongala Express) – Practical skills, knowledge reviews, assignments

Day 4 – Theory/Confined water – Topics 5-7, Workshops 1-3, knowledge reviews, assignments

Day 5 – Open Water (Yongala Express) – Topic 8-9, Practical Skills, Rescue, assignments

Day 6 – Confined Water – Water Skills, Practical Assessment, Exam Pt1, EAP, assignments

Day 7 – Open Water (Yongala Express) – Review Workshop 4, Practical Skills 4, Assessment 3

Day 8 – Open Water (Bowen) – Workshop 4, Final Evaluation of water Skills, Exam Pt2

Day 9 – Open Water (Yongala Express) – Workshop 5, Practical 3, Rescue, Map, assignment

Day 10 – Open Water – Practical Assessment 2 – open water diver course

Day 11 – Open Water (Yongala Express) – Practical Skills 1,3, Workshop 5

Day 12 – Open Water (Yongala Express) – Fun diving – yay !!!

Cancellation Policy

The Dive master course is 80% refundable up until the end of the first day of the course. Please note cancellation fees will apply thereafter if cancelling your Dive Master course.

Gain ‘real’ experience during this full time 3 month internship at Yongala Dive, not only will you be putting your knowledge to work every day but you will learn all the skills you need to be a highly employable Dive Master able to guide divers, organise dive site logistics, fill tanks and assist in both Retail Shops and liveaboard boats. Gain experience, not just a ticket !

Alternating with other Dive Master Interns you will assist on both our vessel diving the S.S. Yongala Wreck and also in the Dive Centre and Dive Lodge. You will work closely with our PADI Instructors and assist with diver training. OUR intern program gives you training with real people and real skills in a great environment and REALLY prepares you for an Instructor Development Course (IDC).

By the end of your program, you can expect to have:

  • A high level of personal diving skill.
  • Role-model knowledge of diving theory
  • Significant training in assisting Instructor’s during training activities


  • Duration of 3 months, depending on existing qualifications
  • Certifications – Advanced to Dive Master, inc, First Aid – value over $3,500
  • Accommodation, breakfast, lunch – value $3,200
  • Minimum of 24 days diving on the S.S.Yongala – value $6,000
  • All PADI Manuals and Dive Master Crewpak
  • 2 x crew t-shirts

Total Value of Internship – $12,700

Does all this sound too good to be true, well we have high expectations in return and do expect your help – 3 days a week on our vessel and 3 days a week in the Dive Centre/Accommodation. While the fee for the Dive Master Internship doesn’t cover the cost of your dives ($6000) your help certainly goes some way towards it !!

On completion you will be a PADI Professional!

You will need to join the PADI professional team, expenses to join and maintain your professional level include:

  • Membership fees – currently $148 per annum
  • Professional liability Insurance at $248 per year (Subject to change)

Divemaster Intern Scheduling

We accept new trainees approximately every two to three months, its best to call or email early (attaching your resume detailing your dive experience) and we can provide you with further information.

The Yongala Dive internship is a heavily sought after experience and your commitment to this program should be seriously considered. It is hard work but also a lot of fun and a great way to gain the experience required to work as a Dive Master. Our previous intern’s are now Instructor’s and Dive Masters working all over the world, many also come back to work with us again……….and again!!

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